Summary of cryptocurrencies with highlights of the week: CVBJ

Summary of cryptocurrencies with highlights of the week: CVBJ

One of Europe’s biggest cryptocurrency scammers is arrested in Spain. PayPal confirms plans to explore the launch of a Stablecoin. SEC postpones decision on spot Bitcoin ETF. Bruce Lee is commemorated with an NFT collection. Matt Damon launched a commercial to promote him. cryptocurrencies. Thailand will apply a tax on cryptocurrencies.

First of all, they are presented in the form of a synthesis. Thus, readers are kept abreast of the most notable events of the week. Thereafter, among the most prominent news in the crypto world space, these headlines stand out:


  • One of the biggest European cryptocurrency scammers arrested in Spain

  • Summary of the most important crypto news of the week

Specifically, the detainee is charged with seven crimes of fraud and money laundering, for creating an alleged platform for investments in cryptocurrencies. For this reason, the Civil Guard has blocked a total assets of more than two million dollars.

The Civil Guard has arrested in Valencia, Spain, one of the biggest cryptocurrency scammers in Europe. A 45-year-old man of Portuguese nationality.

In this regard, Juan de Dios Vargas, the detective who has uncovered this case, said: “It is a pyramid scam in which an investor with physical money gives it to a person to obtain a profit in cryptocurrencies. Specifically in the most used, in Bitcoin.

PayPal confirms plans to explore the launch of a stablecoin

In parallel, the American financial technology giant PayPal Holdings has confirmed its intention to launch its own Stablecoin called PayPal Coin. In particular, José Fernández da Ponte, PayPal’s senior vice president of cryptocurrencies and digital currencies, confirmed that the company is working on the development of its own Stablecoin.

“We are exploring a stablecoin. Yes, we seek to move forward, of course we will work closely with the relevant regulators. ‘ PayPal is exploring the launch of its own stablecoin, according to the company, which confirmed the development after evidence of the move was discovered inside its iPhone app

– Bloomberg (@business) January 7, 2022 SEC Postpones Decision on Bitcoin Spot ETFs

Bruce Lee is commemorated with an NFT collection It is also true that the Bruce Lee family and the Ethernity company have reached an agreement to create the NFT collection called “The Formless Form.”

In fact, in a statement, the SEC indicated that it has postponed the verdict for a period of 60 days. Which means that NYDIG can now expect a response on its proposal before March 16. On the other hand, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has again decided to delay its measure on a Bitcoin spot exchange-traded fund (ETF).