“Stop Hate” is motto that both sides of political divide must adopt: Ted Diadiun

CLEVELAND – I’m generally an optimistic guy, the glass is half full, tomorrow will be a better day. Our Earth is a rather spectacular place and every day is a gift for those who are lucky enough to wake up in the morning to greet it.

So why do so many of us allow our political grudge to eclipse so much joy and beauty on a regular basis, and so eager to inflict that unhappiness and division on someone else?

Apparently, we optimists are about to face a bad shot.

No one reading this will be stunned to learn that the November 3 election did not go exactly as I hoped. But it occurred to me that the only good thing about Joe Biden’s election would be that we could, in a post-Donald Trump era, reduce all the excitement, take a deep breath, and start thinking about being us again , …

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