State Senate President Ready To Grab More Money To Fight Federal Vaccine Mandates | Government and politics

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She said it is clear that Gov. Kevin Stitt and O’Connor are running for election on these issues.

House Minority Leader Emily Virgin, D-Norman, was also on the panel. After the forum, she was asked about giving O’Connor’s office more funds to challenge federal vaccine mandates.


  • “They think it is going to energize their primary base,” she said. “I think that is why they are leaning into it so hard.”

  • Stitt has said he will seek a second term. O’Connor, whom Stitt appointed when Mike Hunter resigned, said he will run for the office he currently holds.

“You can’t look at this in a silo,” Virgin said. “We have lots of requests from other agencies that go unaddressed. But this seems to be a blank check giving the attorney general whatever he wants. It makes me wonder where our priorities really are.”

She said it is disappointing that lawmakers are willing to hand O’Connor’s office more funding when the Legislature already has funded the office at a pretty high level.


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