Starting a Kansas teenager business funds her sister’s special educational needs

Starting a Kansas teenager business funds her sister's special educational needs

“I realized how much of a needed thing it was, pet sitting, in Plainville,” Ayers said.

That’s when a dog-watching opportunity sparked his big idea.


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  • The young Plainville teen decided to fix that.

Through the Ayers Buddies, Taylor will take care of your pet while you are away, letting your pet stay in the comfort of their home.

“My first client started spreading the word around and then eventually I came up with Ayres Buddies Pet Sitting. And now I have a page and everything, and it just took off from there,” the entrepreneur said.

“I realized I didn’t need a lot of the money and so I thought, what can I put this toward?” he recalled.

His younger sister Trissan came to mind.

“She’s mostly nonverbal and she has epilepsy. She has a heart disorder, chromosome 8P,” he said. “She is such a trooper that she made it through all that and I just love her so much.” Wichita firefighter dies from presumed COVID-19 complications

So, he decided to donate to Plainville Elementary School’s special education program. In under a year, he’s given more than $1,600. “Donating is just so good because, you know, it lets my sister and people like my sister have a better year,” he said.

In 2022, Taylor hopes to raise even more money to donate. Taylor plans to keep the business going until he graduates, then he will pass it on to someone else.