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“This is an elderly exploitation and fraud case,” said a prosecutor during Eric Readon’s court appearance.

Prosecutors said he cheated an elderly man out of hundreds of thousands of dollars.


  • “The primary victim was an elderly senior,” said the prosecutor in court.

  • The Miami Gardens pastor and business man arrested and charged with multiple felonies.

“It was the man’s entire life saving and his entire home,” said the prosecutor in court.

Eric Readon appeared before a judge Tuesday. He was accused of tricking an elderly man out of his future dream home and leaving him with nothing but debt.

If Readon looks familiar, that’s because this is him back in 2017.

“We will do whatever we have to do to help bring justice to the situation,” said Readon.

Here he is again and again throughout the years. The pastor would help victims of tragedies and their families, raising and donating money in times of need. “We’re just going to continuing to help this family, continue to raise this reward,” said Readon.

Behind the scenes, he was allegedly taking money from some of the most vulnerable. According to the State Attorney’s office, Tuesday, 76-year-old Edward Fuller, an Army veteran, was building his retirement home on a property in Northwest Miami-Dade.

After running into financial troubles 2015, Readon stepped in and offered to help. “When the pastor came to him, I mean he is a businessman,” said Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle. “He is a pastor and a businessman, so when he, the businessman, sees this vulnerability, he just moves right in, and he talks him into signing over what he thinks is some ownership. It was the whole thing through, quickly.”

“No contact with these alleged victims, either directly, indirectly, in person, in writing, by telephone or through third parties,” said Judge Mindy S. Glazer. Readon’s bond was set at $42,500, but first he has to prove to the judge where that money comes from.

A judge ordered Readon to stay away from all of them. “There’s a second set of victims, a newlywed couple that he was sham renting the same property to,” said the prosecutor in court.


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