Sony has “the best reputation for supporting the creative process,” according to the creator of Assassin’s Creed

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Speaking to, Raymond was asked what had drawn new studio Haven to Sony. In response, she said that “Sony really does have the best reputation for supporting the creative process and supporting dev teams. I’ve done a lot of talking to different developers about their experience working with different publishers, and Sony does stand out as being a company that really understands the creative process, and developing games, and supports the dev teams, and gives them the autonomy they need. So that was a big attractor.”

Assassin’s Creed creator Jade Raymond has explained why her new studio chose to partner with Sony for its first game.


  • Raymond, who worked on multiple Assassin’s Creed games before moving to Google to work on Stadia, announced Haven in March after the streaming service failed to take off. The team is yet to clarify what it’s working on, but recruitment information suggests the studio is working on a live-service PlayStation game. Whatever’s in store, however, it sounds as though Haven is still some way off revealing its first project to the world.

  • The team’s reasoning wasn’t strictly business, however, as Raymond said that many of the developers on the team have been fans of Sony “since we were kids, so there’s something really cool about getting to work on a first-party PlayStation game that was really appealing to us. For a lot of people [this was] the dream of something they wanted to do. So we’re all super, super excited about the opportunity.”