Sony has released two new receivers that support Android Auto and CarPlay wirelessly

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The XAV-AX4000 sports a 6.95-inch anti-glare touchscreen, while the XAV-AX6000 is fitted with a screen of the same size, but this time, it’s bezel-less and offers capacitive touch. The latter also comes with HDMI connectivity for external audio and video. The two in-car receivers come with the typical feature lineup, including FLAC support, a built-in DSP, and a dedicated input option for rear-view cameras. With a single-DIN chassis, the new head units should fit the majority of cars out there – the installation should also be pretty straightforward, but if you don’t know what you’re doing, reaching out to a mechanic is the better way to go.

Installing an aftermarket head unit is one of the finest methods to improve your car’s infotainment experience. You’ll feel like you’re driving a brand new car with technologies like Android Auto and CarPlay. Sony is one of the firms that offers a large range of in-car receivers, and it has added two more types to the list this week. The XAV-AX6000 and XAV-AX4000 are the newest additions to Sony’s AV receiver lineup, both of which support Android Auto and CarPlay and function with a wireless connection.


  • As said, both receivers are projected to go on sale later this year, with the XAV-AX4000 apparently the first of the two to hit the shelves. It’ll happen in August 2022, and Sony says the device will come with a $600 price tag. As far as the XAV-AX6000 is concerned, it’ll be available for $700, but this time, the sales are projected to start in September.

  • Just as expected, Sony has made the two units compatible with iDatalink Maestro, which means they are able to connect to the onboard computer and therefore provide access to the factory-installed equipment. Obviously, you’ll need the iDatalink Maestro adapter, but the new Sony devices will certainly play nice with it.


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