Some Xiaomi phones crashing when used with Airtel SIM, fix coming soon

Some Xiaomi and Redmi devices are facing a particular problem with many users complaining recently that they are facing a strange problem that forced their phones into a continuous reboot loop. This issue has earned the company a lot of heat on social media, with the company still unresolved.

And now Airtel, the telecom operators whose users seem to be having trouble with this problem, has come out and confirmed the problem. Taking Twitter, Harmeen Mehta, the company’s Global CIO, said the company is working with Mi India to fix crashes and other issues some Airtel India users are experiencing with Xiaomi phones.

He also confirmed that while a solution is expected and will come from the end of Xiaomi, the telecom operator has made a small change to the Airtel Thanks app to help users. He also confirmed in a second tweet that the issue is about Xiaomi’s demise and will be fixed once the company releases a new update for Airtel users “tomorrow”.

Although the Airtel executive did not explain the problem faced by the users, several Airtel users took to the web to report that their devices are stuck in a boot loop after encountering a “Find device closed unexpectedly” error. This problem has left their devices inoperable and as such is proving to be a great source of discomfort for them.

Previously, Mi India had also released a statement acknowledging the problem, in which it confirmed that it observed some Mi and Redmi devices experiencing the continuous reboot issue. Taking customer feedback into consideration, the company confirmed that its team is working to fix the problem ASAP.

A statement reads: “We have noticed that Mi and Redmi devices show an error, which causes an unwanted restart of the device. It has been observed that some lines of code behave abnormally when updating an app. we are working to fix the issue with the app developer and roll out a permanent update by early next week, we have put in place temporary containment measures in the last 36 hours. This fix may require consumers to flash their devices at a service center. At Mi India, customer experience is the top priority and we apologize for the inconvenience caused to them. As a committed brand, we are committed to continuing to meet our consumer expectations, thus delivering the best user experience at all “.

Some Redmi and Mi phones using Airtel SIMs seem to experience crashes and bootlooop issues. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

News Underline:

  • Mi and Redmi phones are experiencing bootloop issue with Airtel phones.
  • Users of other networks also seem to face the problem.
  • Airtel recognized the problem and promised a solution.