Some WhatsApp data of Indian users will be shared with Jio, says report

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Several weeks ago Facebook has invested a lot of money in the Reliance Jio platform, hoping to enable e-commerce via JioMart and WhatsApp, which is building its payment services. Now, there is a report that notes that some WhatsApp data will be shared with Jio. This will apparently be because it will help WhatsApp users to transact on JioMart.

In a report, the Economic Times notes that aside from this essential data for transactions, nothing will be shared between Jio and WhatsApp. “Both platforms will continue to hold exclusive commercial data regarding their users,” an anonymous source told ET.

If accurate, the data sharing ratio between Jio and WhatsApp could be similar to how it is between WhatsApp and Facebook. Or some variation of that. Some of the WhatsApp data is shared with Facebook, which, according to Facebook, it helps the company to offer richer and more integrated services to both Facebook and WhatsApp users.

According to all indications, it appears that Jio e Facebook The plan for WhatsApp is to turn it into a super app, similar to WeChat in China, through which users will not only be able to chat but will also be able to buy goods or pay for services, even from local stores. This is something that Jio e Facebook I hope to do this through the integration of WhatsApp with JioMart. It is currently unclear what form this integration will take.

in August Facebook announced a $ 5.7 billion investment in Jio Platforms. The company then clarified that this investment was aimed at building a viable e-retail platform focused on WhatsApp.

“One of the goals of our collaboration with Jio will be to create new ways to enable people and businesses to operate more effectively in the growing digital economy,” Facebook the spokesman had said at the time. “For example, by combining JioMart, Jio’s small business initiative, with the power of WhatsApp, we can enable people to connect with businesses, shop and ultimately purchase products in a seamless mobile experience. “.

While WhatsApp and Jio map out their e-retail strategy after Facebook invested in Jio platforms, there is a report that some data will be shared between Jio and WhatsApp to enable certain services for users.

News Underline:

  • Some WhatsApp and Jio data will be shared between the two services.
  • This data will be shared to enable transactions on JioMart via WhatsApp.
  • A report says that other than essential data, nothing else will be shared.

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