Some users report seeing gap between Pixel 5 display and frame

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Google launched the Pixel 5 smartphone for the global market in the first week of October. When the company started shipping the latest Pixel 5 phones, many users said they noticed a large gap between the display and the frame. First noticed by the Android police, the latest Google Pixel 5 owners have been seen complaining of a vent between the display and the phone’s frame.

According to reports, the obvious vent raises many users’ concerns as it may allow dust and water to enter the smartphone. This also calls into question the IP68 water resistance rating of the Pixel 5 phone. The number of complaints appears to be on the rise from the Google Pixel forums and XDA-Developers forums.

The space between the Google Pixel 5 display and bezel is identified from different angles. Some users have noticed the vent around the front camera, others report the gap near the SIM tray. Pixel 5 owners also say they noticed the gap as soon as the phone came out of the box. This means that the gap between the phone screen and the frame is visible even before using it.

But what could be the possible reason? Either the Pixel phone’s manufacturing team didn’t use enough adhesive to firmly bond the two surfaces together, or because of a lack of enough force to secure the display to go along the phone’s frame.

So far, users are unable to identify the particular Pixel 5 smartphone models where there is a gap issue between the phone display and the frame. The Google Pixel 5 comes in two color variations: Just Black and Sorta Sage, and gap reports come from both colored devices.

Google has not yet addressed the problem of a gap in its latest Pixel 5 smartphone. Moreover, even Indian users need not worry about the problem. The Pixel 5 with 5G services may not arrive in the country. The company launched the Google Pixel 4a on October 9 at the special price of Rs 29,999 for the Indian market. The price can be increased by Rs 2,000 once the festival’s online sale in the country is over.

The latest Google Pixel 5 owners complain about an air vent between the display and the phone frame. The obvious vent raises many users’ concerns as it may allow dust and water to enter the smartphone.

News Underline:

  • Google Pixel 5 owners have noticed a gap between the display and the frame of the phone.
  • Google Pixel 5 users question the phone’s IP68 water resistance rating.
  • The Google Pixel 5 smartphone may not arrive in India.

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