Some Galaxy Note 20 Ultra users report issues running Google Pay on their phones

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Samsung’s Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is among the best in the business, both in terms of hardware and feature set. Backed by solutions like Samsung and support for third-party applications like Google Pay, Note 20 Ultra offers a premium experience to its users. However, recent reports claim that there is a strange glitch affecting the phone which is leading to a less than satisfactory experience on these phones.

According to a report released by the Android police, there have been reports from Note 20 Ultra users that they faced a peculiar problem that saw the popular payment platform, Google Pay, rendered useless on the phone.

Interested people claim that Google Pay allows them to set up the app and add cards, while also allowing it to be set as the default payment provider on the phone, however, the phone does not allow any transactions to go through the app as these are with resulting error or error: a red exclamation point in the Google Pay app.

The report also adds that the usual troubleshooting methods that involve checking the app for necessary permissions or, for the matter, whether it is exempt from power-saving optimizations, don’t help. Interestingly, the problem appears to be common on both Snapdragon and Exynos versions of the Note 20 phones with users reporting that the device has the same problem across regions.

While we haven’t specifically addressed this issue so far, we understand how frustrating an issue like this can be for users, especially in India, a country where many people rely on Google Pay to make payments.

But despite that, the Note 20 Ultra is still a great phone, one that promises high-end specs to help you with most everyday use tasks. In India, the device comes with an Exynos chipset paired with 12GB of RAM and up to 256GB of expandable memory. The phone is coated with a 6.9-inch display and hides a huge battery pack that goes up to 4500mAh beneath the surface.

The Note 20 Ultra also gets a new S Pen with five new gestures this year. This new S-Pen also supports reduced latency which is up to 9ms, down from 42ms on the previous version of the S Pen. This makes the S Pen more responsive, and when paired with the fast 120Hz, the display helps it slide like a breeze on the Note 20 Ultra’s display.

Beyond that, there’s a lot more to like about the phone, including its premium design that looks like a flagship when you hold it in your palm.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra users are facing a particular problem which has seen Google Pay rendered useless on their phones.

News Underline:

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is the company’s flagship for this year.
  • The phone offers high-end specs and features.
  • Google Pay appears to be having problems with the Note 20 Ultra.

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