SolarWinds hackers also attacked NASA and the FAA

SolarWinds hackers also attacked NASA and the FAA

Business News: SolarWinds hackers also attacked NASA and the FAA.

Seemingly unhappy with having penetrated the networks of petty federal agencies like the US State Department, the Department of Homeland Security, and that agency that maintains our nuclear stocks, the hackers of the “SolarWinds” affair are also gone. NASA and the Federal Aviation Administration, according to a new report from the Washington Post.

The report comes shortly after a briefing last week, when White House National Security Advisor Anne Neuberger explained that about 100 different companies and a total of nine federal agencies have been successfully “compromised” by foreign hackers. The foreign intrusion campaign (probably “Russian in origin,” as officials said) is considered the largest in US history.

The Neuberger update was the first official tally provided by the Biden administration on the extent to which government networks had been breached. At the time of his comments, all but two of these nine agencies had already been targeted (include: the Department of State, DHS, and the Departments of Energy, Justice, Commerce, Treasury, and National Institutes of Health).

It is not known what kind of access the hackers may have had at both agencies. However, officials said that in cases where the government was hacked, any data that was stolen was unclassified and the operating systems were never accessible. NASA reportedly told the newspaper that they continue to work with US cyber agency CISA on “mitigation efforts to protect NASA’s data and network.” We have reached out to both NASA and the FAA for comment and will update if they respond.