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The dizzying poem by Amanda Gorman, 22, witnessed by some 96 million people during the Super Bowl and 40 million during the inauguration, provided much-needed inspiration for a nation still in turmoil. from the first invasion of the United States Capitol since the war of 1812.

With words created during a time of political and social turbulence, as well as a deadly pandemic, the first American young poet to graduate delivered “The Hill We Climb” at the January 20 inauguration. Addressing the profound division within the country, Gorman said: “And so we look up not at what is between us but at what lies ahead”. Continuing, he said: “Let’s put our arms so that we stretch our arms to each other.” He concluded his poem:

“The new dawn breaks as we set it free,

Because there is always light,

If only we’re brave enough to see it,

If only we were brave enough to be. “

Gorman is the cover story of the current issue of Time magazine, interviewed by Michelle Obama, entitled “Unity of Purpose”. In response to …

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