Smollett, caps and swimmers

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Why do swimmers smack themselves? The answer is fairly simple. Hitting the body helps increase the blood flow. According to Temaly Tomley of Swimmers World, the move is intended to support the warm-up process and helps swimmers step into the pool with ease.

While sportsmen have their own eccentricities, some of their acts have scientific explanations. Here’s everything you need to know about swimmers’ strange behaviour. You may have spotted a few Olympic sportsmen engaging in strange rituals or superstitious practises before to their competitions. This area is dominated by swimmers. Visitors and observers are left wondering why these activities exist, from slapping oneself to the custom of wearing headphones while competing. While every athlete has their own peculiarities, some of their activities have scientific explanations. Here’s everything you need to know about swimming athletes’ strange behaviour.


  • There are several different versions of why swimmers wear headphones before swimming. The primary reason is quite literally ‘drown out’ the noise around them. Some athletes also play music on their headphones to calm themselves down before the nerve-racking race. In all, wearing headphones is a common part of the swimmer’s pre-race routine.

  • Another way to increase the blood flow and keep the body warm is by wearing coats. You may have noticed swimmers wearing heavy coats before the match. Cold muscles can lead to stiffness and cramps during the race. The heat helps relax the muscles and prepares them for the big dive. Some swimmers are also seen splashing water on their bodies before the event. This is also done to prepare the muscles and helps reduce the impact of jumping into the pool water. It also helps ensure the swimsuit is in close contact with the skin.

Park sauntered onto the pool deck looking relaxed in a pair of headphones but left with a wry look after clocking one minute 50.29 seconds, the fourth-fastest time of the morning session. “I will have to swim better tonight and be at my best for the final,” he said. On the evidence of the heats, Sun will be the man to beat after winning his heat with plenty to spare in 1:48.90, followed by Japan’s Kosuke Hagino (1:48.99) and Takeshi Matsuda (1:50.20).

There is also a legitimate reason as to why swimmers wear double caps. The bottom cap is intended to stick tightly to the head but it is likely to get wrinkly. The second cap is put over the goggle straps and helps them stick to place and prevents them from slipping and falling into the water. Both caps are generally made of two different materials and the top cap is smoother and removes those wrinkles.

“To be in that final, that is my achievement for this year, that is my gold medal at least for 2021,” Simpson said. “I didn’t expect to be remotely competitive until 2022-23 at the earliest.”Simpson was a talented junior swimmer who put aside his sporting exploits to move into the American music market, and he succeeded.



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