Small business owners don’t get their mail

Small business owners don't get their mail

Until delivery resumes, neither they nor their employees can get paid. They’ve tried reaching out to the post office, but haven’t had much luck.

Melanie Sivley and Jolie Carsten specialize in mental health counseling. They work from the same building. Both businesses receive checks by mail, and they say their mailboxes have been empty since last year.


  • “Here we are – small businesses – providing this mental health service to people, and we were being impaired,” Carsten said.

  • “How can we survive if we can’t get our checks because they’re not delivering the mail?” Sivley said.

You can read the full statement below.

The USPS gave us a written statement saying there are “not any apparent delivery issues” in Champaign. They said the problem at this location is “unique” and they are working to fix it.

There are not any apparent delivery issues with business customers in Champaign. In speaking with the Champaign Post Office there is a unique situation with a downtown location at 206 N. Randolph. The Postmaster is working with the building owner to resolve incorrect labeling and mailbox assignment for accurate delivery, with updated labeling scheduled to be completed today.

Timothy Norman, USPS Strategic Communications