‘Slopes’ Ski & Snowboard App Supports iOS 14 App Clips

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Slopes: The ski and snowboard tracking app has been updated with many new features, one of which is support for iOS 14 App Clips. An App Clip is a small portion of an app that iOS 14 users can quickly install to access the most relevant information they need right now.

Clip app tracks

In the case of Slopes, its Clip App will show the following data:

  • Trail maps and resort information for over 1,800 resorts around the world. Also available is resort data such as the breakdown of altitude and route difficulty and insights into the type of stats you can expect to get in a day, according to other Slopes users.
  • Ski emergency information, listed with a quick access button on these resort screens.

On your iPhone with iOS 14 you can tap this link to test it. You will see a banner at the top; tap the View button to download the app clip. It includes a banner to install the full app from the App Store if you want, but the great thing about App Clips is that you don’t need the full app if all you need is quick information.

Other new features

The slopes also have other characteristics. First, the new live conditions report lets you view the weather conditions for a particular location. These are based on user uploaded reports, so they are more accurate than a general weather report. Another iOS 14 feature is a home screen widget. Choose your favorite resorts and set their conditions on the home screen and you can monitor when to prepare for a trip.


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