Skullcandy’s latest affordable Push Active earphones

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That’s the appeal that has led an increasing number of brands to build Tile’s tracking technology into their devices — including laptops, suitcases, and headphones from Bose and Sennheiser — and now Skullycandy is joining in.

Many true wireless earbuds now let you “find” them by either playing a sound (if they’re powered on, out of their case, and nearby) or pulling up the location where they were last paired to your phone. But what if you could track your earbuds even when they’re powered down?


  • The Push Active is one of the most recent pairs of earphones to ship with Tile integration, which means you can use Tile’s app to find them if they go missing.

  • Skullcandy’s latest pair of true wireless earbuds – the sport-focussed Push Active – have been announced with a sub £100 price point, but also come with a really handy feature courtesy of Tile.

Other features of the earphones include the manufacturers so-called “Skull-IQ” technology, which allows you to use features like Spotify Tap for quick-launching Spotify, hands-free voice control and a Stay-Aware mode that lets you hear what’s going on around you.

Like a physical Tile tracker, you’ll be able to see the last known location as well as get them to play a sound when they’re within Bluetooth range.

What’s more, with IP55 rating for water and dust resistance it should comfortably cope with your running sessions in colder, wetter seasons or your most sweat-inducing workouts.

With 44 hours of total battery life – combining the earphones and the case – it’s also among the longest lasting pairs of true wireless earphones on the market. That’s 10 hours of music playback in the buds, and an additional 34 hours in the case.


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