Simple steps to automatically block SPAM calls on an Android Phone

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The process of blocking spam calls on Android phones is quite simple, especially if you have the Google Phone app installed. Most of the latest phones of any brand come pre-installed with Google Dialer as the default dialer app in smartphones. It may look like a simple version of dialer apps, but it is loaded with many essential features including spam call blocker feature. How to Block Spam Calls Automatically: Here we have given you simple steps

You’ve probably encountered the annoyance of spam calls that plague many smartphone users. These calls originate from a bank or an insurance provider. While working urgently, there are distracting phone calls that say, “Dhyan bhang to hota hi hai saath mein gussa bhi ata hai.” It can be blocked, but many people have trouble doing it despite making numerous tries because they don’t know how. They will attempt to be stopped by Apne Bhi Kabhi Na Kabhi. The good news is that spam calls can easily be prevented if you have an Android smartphone. Let’s learn it today; the process is quite straightforward.


  • After tapping on this, you will get three options for your matches. The first option is enabled by default, which will show the caller and spam ID on the screen when receiving a phone call. Next is “Filter Spam Calls”. Enabling this option prevents suspicious spam calls from bothering you. Please note that the app only considers as spam those callers that have been marked as spam by other Google Dialer users. Numbers marked as not spam will continue to appear on your phone.

  • To automatically block all spam calls for your Android phone, follow the steps below. Please note that you do not need to download any third party app for this. Open the Google Phone app and tap on the menu icon in the top right corner. From here you have to tap on Settings option. In the settings menu you will see many options, but here you have to find a feature called “Caller ID and Spam”.

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