Shopping button, WhatsApp Pay and all the other features WhatsApp has launched this week 

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WhatsApp rolled out the features one after the other. This week, WhatsApp rolled out three major features for its users including WhatsApp Pay, Disappearing Messages, and the Shopping button. The button is the latest addition to the WhatsApp universe that will make shopping convenient for users around the world.

Announcing the new button, WhatsApp said in a statement: “We are launching a new shopping button on WhatsApp to make it easier for people to discover a company’s catalog so they know what goods or services it offers. Previously, people had to click on the company profile to see if the company had a catalog. Now when a person sees the shopping button, which looks like a store icon, they will immediately know that the company has a catalog so that he can browse products and start a conversation about an item he sees with a single tap.This will make it easier for businesses to discover their products, which can help increase sales.

The new purchase button will replace the voice call button in the chat window. It will be used to access corporate account catalogs. Users can then add products to the cart, make payment without leaving the app.

WhatsApp Pay finally arrives in India

Apart from this, WhatsApp had made official the long-awaited WhatsApp Pay in India. The Facebook-owned messaging app struggled to get approval from the NPCI for the launch of UPI-based payment services. Facebook it first entered negotiations with NPCI for the same in 2018, but it took the company two years to finally get approval. The new feature would allow users to send money and receive on the app itself. The user only needs to have a bank account and a registered phone number

WhatsApp made the feature available in Brazil and India, but the feature would be rolled out in Mexico, the UK, Spain and Europe in the future. In India, WhatsApp has partnered with five leading banks including ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, Axis Bank, State Bank of India and Jio Payments Bank to enable UPI payments.

Messages that disappear

WhatsApp drew great inspiration from Snapchat when it made disappearing messages official. The feature as its name suggests will disappear from chats after a certain amount of time. It would allow users to enable the option to automatically delete chats after a period of seven days. The disappearing message function can be used for individual chats as well as for groups.

WhatsApp has implemented three important features for its users, including WhatsApp Pay, Disappearing Messages, and the Shopping button.

News Underline:

  • WhatsApp implemented the features one after the other. T.
  • WhatsApp has added the shopping button to make it easier for users.
  • Apart from this, WhatsApp had made official the long-awaited WhatsApp Pay in India.

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