Shocking! When a man ordered and iPhone 13 Pro Max, receives Dairy Milk chocolates instead

  Shocking!  When a man ordered and iPhone 13 Pro Max, receives Dairy Milk chocolates instead

Daniel Carroll from the United Kingdom had been anticipating the arrival of his iPhone 13 Pro Max as a Christmas present for quite some time. However, the delivery was continually delayed, and Daniel was forced to resort to manual pickup after two weeks. He received the delivery after a 24-mile journey and many phone calls, only to find two Dairy Milk Oreo chocolate bars inside.

Ordered an iPhone but received something different – this appears to be a global problem, not just in India. After hearing about hundreds of examples in India when an iPhone buyer receives two bars of soap, the latest case includes Apple, DHL, and a guy excitedly anticipating his £1,045 Christmas present. Warning: it does not play out as intended.


  • Daniel has reached out to both DHL and Apple regarding the issue but it seems to be stuck. The DHL people are currently investigating the case but Daniel says they aren’t as proactive as he would have liked for a case like this. Daniel also reached out to Apple for seeking help.

  • “After a long weekend of a brand new iPhone 13 Pro Max being stuck in-network, failing any delivery attempt Friday-Sun, I finally picked up the parcel yesterday from DHL Leeds to find the package tampered with and the new phone (Christmas present) replaced with this,” said Daniel.

Misplacement of online orders isn’t a new thing, especially the ones that involve an iPhone. In India, customers ordering iPhones from Amazon and Flipkart have often received bars of soaps, bricks and other useless things instead of their iPhone that they paid for. The cases are often looked into and a a replacement order is delivered.

In cases like this, Daniel is supposed to get a replacement iPhone while the case is investigated. “We’re investigating the case as a priority and we have been in touch with the sender to ensure a replacement gets to Mr Carroll,” said a DHL spokesperson to The Sun.