Shares of Intel Corp. rise Tuesday, outperform market

Shares of Intel Corp. INTC were up 1.07% to $ 62.47 on Tuesday, in what proved to be a well-rounded mixed trading session for the stock market, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average DJIA rising. by 0.20% to 31,522.75 and the SPX’s & P 500 Index down 0.06% to 3,932.59. This was the fourth consecutive day of earnings for the stock. Intel Corp. closed $ 4.82, below its 52-week high ($ 67.29), which the company reached on February 20.

The stock showed a mixed performance versus some of its competitors on Tuesday as NVIDIA Corp. NVDA was up 2.47% to $ 613.21, Texas Instruments Inc. TXN was up 0.62% to $ 180.76 and Qualcomm Inc. QCOM fell 0.55% to $ 147.16. Trading volume (24.0 million) remained at 16.3 million below the 50-day average volume of 40.3 million.

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