Several models of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 have discounts of up to $ 100. (But not for long)

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If you’re not quite at that point yet and somehow still have a couple hundred bucks to spend on one of the very best smartwatches money can buy right now, you’ll probably be delighted to see multiple Galaxy Watch 4 variants available at new all-time low prices.

If you use the links on this page to make a purchase, we might receive a commission. Several Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 models have discounts of up to $100. (but not for long). Many of our ardent bargain-hunting readers may also have already drained their bank accounts as we reach the final hours of yet another amazing Prime Day event.


  • The top (volatile) discounts we’re currently seeing can save you north of $110 on the LTE-enabled Wear OS timepiece in a 40mm case size and two color options, as well as one jumbo-sized 44mm model with standalone cellular connectivity. Of course, the cheapest Galaxy Watch 4 versions only offer GPS and Bluetooth support, with one silver-coated 40mm unit fetching a cool $100 less than its usual price of $249.99 and a decent $90 or so markdown available on a non-LTE-enabled 44mm model in green.

  • Like the rest of the best Amazon Prime Day 2022 smartwatch offers, these should theoretically stay alive for several more hours at the time of this writing. But unlike everything else we’ve written about yesterday and today, some Galaxy Watch 4 discounts have gradually gotten deeper, a situation that could continue… or lead to the premature depletion of Amazon’s presumably limited inventory.

While the Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro are undoubtedly right around the corner, it’s pretty easy to understand why some hardcore Samsung fans on particularly tight budgets would still be interested in 2021’s non-Classic device with a sporty but also elegant design, beautiful circular AMOLED display, life-saving ECG technology, life-improving body composition analysis, and for some reason, exclusive compatibility with Android phones.


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