Serial Bingeing: A Look At The Science Behind True Crime Obsessions

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – When you watch yet another crime show on TV, do you ever think to yourself, “Why am I so obsessed with this?”

Experts say there’s actually a science behind these viewing habits.

“People are so fascinated by serial killers,” said Dr. Stephen Benning, associate professor of psychology at UNLV.

Dr. Stephen Benning – Associate Professor of Psychology at UNLV

Absorbed by evil. From From deliciously dark storylines on network TV, to documentary series saturating streaming services, it’s clear audiences can’t get enough of crime-focused content.

“It’s almost asking to be fixed,” said Dr. Benning.

Dr. Benning adds that, in addition to putting the puzzles together, the killers in crime shows create a novel response in viewers.

“It’s so out of the normal range of experience that it actually probably triggers different regions of the brain that are more in the front than in the back,” said Dr. Benning.

But what is the specific science behind it all? Psychiatrists say that when we like to watch something, chemical compounds affect our mind.

Dr. Sid Khurana – Psychiatrist with Nevada Mental …

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