Sean Connery did not insult Steve Jobs by calling him salesman, viral letter is fake

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In the wake of actor Sean Connery’s death, a bogus letter, allegedly sent by him to Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, is going viral on social media. Sean, the original Hollywood James Bond, was known for never mincing words. In 2005, when he took a break from acting, he said he was doing it because “idiots are making movies in Hollywood”. Now, blunt as he was, he didn’t write a rude letter to Steve Jobs. That letter is fake.

The letter, apparently written on a typewriter in 1998, shows Connery unleashing his ire against Jobs for asking him to appear in one of Apple’s commercials. “I will repeat it one more time. You understand English, right? I don’t sell my soul for Apple or any other company. I have no interest in “changing the world” as you suggest. You have nothing I need or want. You’re a computer salesman – I’m fucking JAMES BOND, “the letter reads.

The letter, when it started circulating on the Internet, was even marked with Facebook as fake, but that doesn’t stop social media users from sharing it. As soon as news of Sean Connery’s death hit social media on Saturday, every news related to he was raised up sites, including this letter.

While it’s no secret that the letter is downright fake, Twitter users are experiencing great joy in sharing it again on the platform.

According to a CNET report, the fake letter went viral for the first time on social media in 2011. It was shared by a Twitter User who mistook a parody letter for a real letter and then all hell broke loose.

Social media users rarely verify things before sharing them further and the result is the now viral fake letter. The letter that is going viral and gaining ground on social media was actually a published satirical piece on humor site Scoopertino which is known for producing “unreal news about the apple”.

Scoopertino made the letter so real that even mavericks on social media fell in love with the joke. However, the “007” watermark at the bottom of the letter does ring some bells. Although it may be believed that Connery wrote the letter, it may be difficult to understand that he would use 007 watermarks in a letter like this. It is also a fact that Connery tried to part with the James Bond image which never abandoned him. At a time when this letter was supposed to have been written, Bond had taken on other key roles.

Connery, 90, died on October 31 at his home in the Bahamas. He played Ian Fleming’s James Bond for the first time on the big screen. He has often been called the first and best James Bond. He was also famous for his roles in Indiana Jones, Last Crusade and The Hunt for Red October. Connery has received an Oscar, three Golden Globes and two BAFTAs.

There’s a viral letter floating around on social media claiming that Sean Connery once insulted Steve Jobs by saying “You’re a computer salesman, I’m fucking JAMES BOND” and refused to make an Apple ad. But did it really happen?

News Underline:

  • There is a letter on social media in which Sean Connery allegedly insulted Steve Jobs.
  • The letter is false. It was created by a satire site years ago.
  • Sean Connery, known for his portrayal of James Bond, passed away on Saturday.

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