Scoot over! A study reveals use of electric scooters in Washington DC

IMAGE: Researchers analyzed Washington, DC due to its availability of widely open data, including built environment data and the maturity of its shared mobility market. see more

Credit: Florida Atlantic University

Electric scooters or “e-scooters” are conquering cities around the world and have a wide interest among tourists. Although the use of electric scooters declined during the COVID-19 pandemic, its popularity could quickly recover, especially if travelers begin replacing transit scooters on some shorter trips. Shared e-scooters, in particular, are a rapidly growing mode of transportation, but they present a number of regulatory challenges from fair distribution between parking infrastructures and pedestrian safety.

Understanding travel demand patterns of shared use of electric scooters and the demographics who are most likely to use it alternative form of transport should be a moving goal for several years and a challenge for urban, regional and transport planners. Several other researchers have studied spatial patterns of demand for electric scooters, but they have had inconclusive or contradictory results and have examined large areas …

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