Sconce fined for violating campaign finance laws | Local news

Prosecutors outline the financial case of the campaign against Lev Parnas as the criminal trial begins

The city’s mayor signed a consent order with the Missouri Ethics Commission on Dec. 21 for acknowledging he failed to correctly report a campaign contribution and failed to identify who paid for campaign signs he used during his campaign for a full term in last April’s election.

Troy Mayor Ron Sconce has been fined nearly $2,000 for violating state election laws.


  • “It was my fault that I didn’t do that, and it was an oversight it was less than 15 days before that,” he said.

  • According to Sconce, approximately two weeks before the election, one of his campaign donors ran a digital campaign billboard ad for him. Sconce said the total cost of the ad was not determined in time to be reported – an honest oversight – but one that should have been reported nonetheless by his own admission.

Sconce agreed to a fine of $1,985. However, he will only have to pay $288 if he does not violate any other campaign finance laws over the next two years.

The second offense resulted from campaign signs. One hundred two campaign signs were placed throughout Troy in total, however, two of them omitted who was sponsoring the signs.

“According to the rules, I did violate them,” Sconce said. “Was it a lit nitpicky? Kinda, but I did violate them.”

Sconce was appointed to the position in 2020 after the resignation of Mayor Mark Cross due to health reasons. 

Sconce announced later in the day on Tuesday he is running for a second full term as Troy Mayor.