SCC outperforms Ellsworth in college volleyball

The Southeastern Community College volleyball team battled Ellsworth in the third set on Friday night at Loren Walker Arena, then killing Salena Sayre kicked off an eight-point serve spree from Corinne Booton.

Booton’s ace serve provided the meeting point and SCC swept Ellsworth, 25-14, 25-14, 25-18.

The Panthers led the third set 18-16, then Sayre’s killing put the ball in Booton’s hands. Booton, a second year from Stronghurst, Illinois and West Central High School have served eight consecutive points for the win. He had three aces in that series, including the match winner, and Sayre had two more kills, including one that gave SCC a 24-18 lead.

In Iowa Falls on January 31, SCC needed five sets to defeat Ellsworth.

“I just think we were better prepared” this time around, said SCC coach Michelle Glass. “We had a really tough defeat on the street on Wednesday. Three of us lost in Southwestern. And was tonight just one of those nights we’re gonna be good?

“I think (Ellsworth) came out with a lot more energy,” Glass said. “They did everything very well tonight. They were creating a great offense. We asked our setters to lift the ball a little bit tonight and that really helped us. “

In the first …

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