Saving money can be fun!

Prosecutors outline the financial case of the campaign against Lev Parnas as the criminal trial begins

Don’t wait for the bank to give you back 5% from various purchases, do it yourself. For example if you save $100 then reward yourself to a 5% or $5 dollar treat. If you save a $1000 then reward yourself with a $50 dollar treat.

Fun tip 1: 5% cash back challenge


  • Number envelopes from 1-50. Each week pull an Envelope and whatever the number envelope you pulled you must save that amount of money that week. If you continue this by the end of the year you would have saved $1250.

  • Fun tip 2: Envelope challenge

Start at the beginning of any month and on the first day save $1. The next day save $2 and so on on until the end of the month. You will be happy you did because at the end of month you will have saved $400.

Fun tip 3: Save the date challenge

Saving money can be fun. It will allow you the freedom to do the things you would like to do and it will teach you the value of saving and not over spending.  For more information follow Bernadette Joy on Instagram @Bernadebtjoy or visit