Save on your Thanksgiving party

Save on your Thanksgiving party

There several steps you can take to save online and on delivery.

New York City, NY (ABC) – With just one week to go, many of us are getting our grocery lists ready for the big meal.


  • You can also subscribe to membership services.

  • One money saving strategy is avoiding delivery fees by reaching the minimum order size.

Many new players are also entering this space right now.

However, unless you’re a repeat customer at that particular store, a subscription fee may not save you the most money.

When a new brand enters the market, it means they might be willing to lose money on certain products to gain your business.

And don’t forget coupons.

Stores like Target are now offering online coupons that automatically apply when you chose delivery. Finally, for household items like paper products and cleaning supplies, the bulkiness of the items often means they are more expensive online.

However, you could end up saving in the end because you’re not as likely to make impulse purchases.