Save money on some digital games while multiplayer sales are still ongoing

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Please check the link below to see the full list of games. Outside of China, Foxconn, a significant Apple partner, has iPhone manufacturing facilities in Brazil and India. When it comes to shipments of iPhones around the world, China’s activities continue to be the most significant. However, it appears that Apple will start making the iPhone 14 simultaneously in China and India this time.

Even though the Multiplayer Sale is coming to an end, you still have time to save 30% on a few digital titles and DLC through August 7 at 11:59 p.m. PT. You may find discounts on a range of game genres to play with your group, whether you want to challenge friends** to brawling action or adventure alongside them. And keep in mind that you can accumulate My NintendoTM Gold Points*** by buying select titles from the Nintendo eShop and and use them later to purchase additional compatible games.


  • Apple’s key partner Foxconn has iPhone production lines in a few other places in the world outside of China, such as Brazil and India. However, China’s operations remain the most important when it comes to worldwide iPhone shipments. This time, however, it seems that Apple will begin production of the iPhone 14 simultaneously in India and China.


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