Saudi stocks become more expensive thpeers in emerging markets after OPEC + push

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Is the fund for these 3 shares? Analysts Say “Buy”

Never say that one person makes no difference. Last Thursday, stocks plummeted, bonds rose, and investors started taking inflationary risks seriously, all because one guy said what he thinks. Jerome Powell, chairman of the Federal Reserve, gave a press conference in which he gave both good and evil. He affirmed, once again, his belief that the COVID vaccination program will allow for a full reopening of the economy and that we will see a resurgence of the labor market. This is the good news. The bad news is that we will also likely see consumer prices rise in the near term: inflation. And when inflation starts to rise, interest rates also rise, and that’s when stocks typically slide. We’re not there yet, but last week the specter was enough to put some serious pressure on equity markets. However, as the market pullback has pushed many stocks to rock bottom prices, several Wall Street analysts believe that now may be the time to buy. These analysts have identified three tickers whose current stock prices are approaching 52-week lows. Noting that everyone is set to take off on a rise …

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