Samsung’s Galaxy S23 Ultra will include a 200MP camera

Samsung's Galaxy S23 Ultra will include a 200MP camera

Samsung has been using a 108-megapixel camera in its top-of-the-line flagships since the Galaxy S20 Ultra early last year. The company believes improving the same sensor can deliver better results than switching to a new sensor every year. The upcoming Galaxy S22 Ultra will feature an improved ISOCELL HM3 sensor, which is said to be miles ahead of the one found in the Galaxy S21 Ultra in terms of picture quality. The same source recently claimed that the new phone can capture more detail than the previous-gen model. The photos are also better in terms of color and brightness.

Samsung may keep the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s primary rear camera at 108 megapixels, but it does plan to deploy its 200-megapixel ISOCELL HP1 sensor in future Galaxy S series models. The Galaxy S23 Ultra will, according to famed tipster Ice Universe, include a new ultra-high-resolution camera. Before incorporating the sensor into its flagship handsets, the Korean company is expected to perfect it.


  • Highlights of the ISOCELL HP1 include 8K video recording at 30fps, 4K at 120fps, Double Super PD autofocus, pixel binning technology for 8K videos, and more. It’s unclear though whether Samsung will use the same sensor in the Galaxy S23 Ultra or an improved version of it. We expect to hear more about this development in the coming months. Other brands may use the 200-megapixel Samsung camera ahead of the Galaxy S23. Considering that the megapixels war between Android smartphone OEMs is heating up, Samsung’s new 200-megapixel sensor was expected to find its way into devices pretty soon. But that wasn’t to be. This ultra-high-resolution camera is yet to make its debut inside phones.

  • However, as smartphone photography continues to achieve new heights, Samsung plans to upgrade to a 200-megapixel camera in 2023. Launched in September this year, the ISOCELL HP1 is the world’s first 200-megapixel camera for smartphones. It is a 1/1.22-inch sensor featuring 0.64μm-sized pixels. This ultra-high-resolution camera can also capture 50-megapixel or 12.5-megapixel images using pixel binning technology in low-light conditions.

However, the wait may not be much longer now. Of course, there’s more than a year to go for the Samsung Galaxy S23 series. But those phones won’t be the first to feature a 200-megapixel camera. Recent reports suggest Motorola could debut the new camera early next year. Xiaomi is also reportedly preparing a flagship phone with this camera. Other brands may be interested as well. We will keep you posted.