Samsung will use its stackable EV battery technology to expand the capacity of Galaxy phones

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Hitting higher energy density in the same battery footprint is made possible by stacking the battery components like anodes and separators in a staircase-style arrangement which has helped Samsung save on production costs and increase the range of electric vehicles with its 5th generation batteries like the ones coming from its plant in Hungary.

If you make a purchase using the links on this page, we may receive a commission. Samsung will expand the capacity of Galaxy phones by using its stacking EV battery technology. According to The Elec, Samsung will use a battery technology that it already uses to build advanced electric vehicle batteries for future phones. When compared to the battery that Samsung now uses in, say, the Galaxy S22 Ultra, the “stacking” technology allows for tighter packaging of the battery components and a 10% increase in capacity.


  • This might result in 5500mAh batteries for future flagships that fit into the same overall footprint they do now in the S22 Ultra. Alternatively, it could make thinner phones with 5000mAh battery, too, or use the space left inside of a phone for additional components.

  • It is the first time Samsung plans to use the stacking tech in smaller batteries for phones instead of the big EV cells, and it has reportedly already set aside a production line for those in Korea, as well as a testing one in China. Apple uses L-shaped batteries in some of its iPhones that simply extend the battery size towards an extra space on the side, while the battery density remains the same. Samsung’s solution is trying to utilize the space inside a battery better.


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