Samsung opens a new production line for OLED displays for iPad and MacBook

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It is also worth noting that the Gen 8.5 (2200x2500mm) substrates are larger than the Gen 6 (1500x1850mm) which is widely used for smartphones. This evidence is what suggests that Samsung is looking to larger OLED panels. The new report from TheElec is one of many that suggests Apple is bringing OLED panels to the iPad and MacBook. The new production line will reportedly build Samsung’s Gen 8.5 OLED panel, with the site suggesting the panels will first appear on new iPad Pro models in 2024.

According to reports, Samsung Display is planning to construct a brand-new production line for OLED iPads and MacBooks. According to TheElec, the new division would handle “tablets and PCs” designed particularly for Apple. According to the article, manufacturing will begin next year. The new production line will be based on the decommissioned L8-1-2 plant. Until last year, this line was utilised to make liquid crystal displays. As a result of the new configuration, Samsung will be able to produce 15,000 substrates every month.


  • Interestingly, LG was looking to be the sole supplier for OLED displays for the iPad. As Samsung currently supplies the displays for 11-inch iPad Pro, this news marks an interesting development for the two companies. In the meantime, there are rumors that Apple is making plans to utilize more mini-LED displays. Also, this includes a new 27-inch monitor that would essentially be a Studio Display Pro.

  • Additionally, Cupertino has been transition its iPad and MacBook lines to mini-LED over the past year. OLED is the next step after that. Unlike mini-LED displays, OLED panels use self-emitting pixels that don’t require backlighting. This could improve contrast ratio and contribute to longer battery life in future iPad and MacBook models. Currently, Apple uses OLED displays for its latest iPhones and all Apple Watch models.


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