Samsung Galaxy Watch5 and 5 Pro are now FCC approved wearable devices with huge batteries and the ability to replace the charger

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Samsung has now registered the SM-R900, SM-R910 and SM-R920 as new “smart wearables” with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Based on these model numbers and their specs (which include low-energy Bluetooth and dual-band Wi-Fi), they are now taken to be the Galaxy Watch5 40mm, Watch5 44mm and Watch5 Pro respectively.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch5 and 5 Pro are now FCC-approved wearables with variable battery capacity and the option to replace the charger. Upgrades have been made to the Watch4 series. (Image courtesy of Samsung) Upgrades have been made to the Watch4 series. The existence of the Galaxy Watch5 series may have been confirmed outright thanks to fresh FCC approvals, following months of leaks and speculations. This latest leak includes their SKUs, model numbers, and some specifications. Their charger is here as well, with an intriguing detail that may contradict a prior tip.


  • The FCC may also have confirmed that at least some of these Wear OS accessories will be compatible with the new EP-OR900 charger that leaked earlier. Interestingly, the new listings indicate that it is capable of delivering up to 10W (5V/2A) of power, compared to the more standard 5W hinted at earlier. On the other hand, it may still be limited to 5W in output when paired with its target smartwatches – unless it can be unlocked as an upgrade in the top-end Watch4 sucessor, of course.

  • Indeed, some images included with the listings may prove that the R900, for one, is a Watch5. Should this be the case, the FCC may have just revealed that it will ship with a 276mAh battery, with a 397mAh capacity for its larger sibling and a much more generous 572mAh spec in the Watch5 “Pro”.


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