Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra: A new rumor casts doubt on the company’s huge tablet

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra: A new rumor casts doubt on the company's huge tablet

While earlier Samsung Galaxy Tabs were available in standard and plus-sized sizes, the firm is rumoured to be experimenting with something much larger this year. However, according to a recent rumour out of Korea, the massive Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra may be difficult to obtain in more ways than one.

Last year at this time, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 had been completely announced and was available for purchase. The Galaxy Tab S8, on the other hand, is taking a little longer to arrive, with leaker Ice Universe estimating it would arrive with the Galaxy S22 next year.


  • No reason is given for this, so it might come back to our old friend the global chip shortage, or it might be that the giant 14.6-inch 120Hz OLED display is difficult to produce in large quantities.

  • Korean blog Naver packs a lot of details into a short post. Essentially, it sounds like production yields of the Tab S8 Ultra will be so low that it will only launch in certain regions and in small quantities. It’s also suggested that restocks aren’t guaranteed.

As the ‘Ultra’ name suggests, this version of the Galaxy Tab S8 is set to offer a lot of performance grunt and desirable features. Alongside the high-spec screen, early reports suggest a massive 12GB RAM, 45W charging support and a bundled S Pen for doodling on that giant canvas.

Alternatively, it could be that the margins are so thin that it’s simply not worth Samsung devoting a huge amount of production space to the new Android tablet. In other words, it might just be a desirable marquee product to show the company’s prowess, rather than something it necessarily wants in every home.

The alleged 14.6-inch display also means there’s plenty of room for a battery, and word is that it will have a 12,000mAh battery — quite a step up from the 8,000mAh and 10,090mAh cells found in the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 and S7 Plus, respectively.

Converted South Korean price rumors point to an expensive device, with the WiFi-only version starting at $1,247. That would eclipse the $1,099 12.9-inch iPad Pro, which sounds like a bold move — though for those that want the extra 1.7-inches of screen, there’s precious few alternatives.