Samsung does away with the Galaxy S22 FE, however the S23 FE will still be released

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The reason for cancelling the 2022 Galaxy FE series is not on account of the fact that the Galaxy S21 FE was launched later than usual and arrived in January this year, but rather chip shortages, tip industry insiders. Samsung is riding high on record Galaxy S22 Ultra sales and since its flagship model uses the same Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor that was supposed to be in the Galaxy S22 FE, shortages of Qualcomm’s sought-after chipset have forced its hand on the S22 FE cancellation decision.

The upper midrange Galaxy S22 FE model has been abandoned by Samsung due to supply chain problems with processor shortages and higher-than-expected demand for its flagship Galaxy S22 Ultra phone, according to Korean media The Elec today. This only supports earlier rumours that the release of the Galaxy S22 FE is becoming less and less likely. This is because there was no indication that Samsung was working on an SM-S900 device; however, if the world’s largest phone manufacturer intended to release one, it should already be in the works with model numbers, software strings, and everything.


  • Thus, the three million processors that were supposed to go to the Galaxy S22 FE will now land into the Galaxy S22 Ultra instead and the more Samsung thought about it, the more sense it made to boost production of its most profitable phone that people are showing the most interest in, moreso that it now has a FE-series phone released in 2022 for its hardcore Fan Edition fans to enjoy. The move would likely also explain the rumors that Samsung has been shopping around for other processor vendors, like Android’s most popular chipsets from MediaTek, both for the Galaxy S22 FE and the Galaxy S23 series, ultimately deciding to stick with Snapdragon and cancel the S22 FE instead.

  • Initially, Samsung planned to produce 3 million Galaxy S22 FE units as the Fan Edition series is traditionally very well received by the market. Its bread-and-butter Galaxy S22 Ultra, however, is enjoying unmatched attention as a direct heir of Samsung’s Note line, fusing an S-line flagship with an S Pen stylus silo for the first time. Samsung has sold more than 10 million Galaxy S22 Ultra units so far, and counting, so it needs every high-end phone chip it can get its hands on, now that it has decided to mostly use Snapdragon instead of Exynos chipsets.

And yet it’s worked for years. One of the resons they are loved is the fact that they have something for everyone so yeah. Not interested in what you’re smoking fr If it’s worked for years, why do you think they dropped the M line & now merged the Note & the S this year? Now they’re following suit with the FE line. They still have something for everyone, they’re just no longer oversaturating the market with it. Soooo yea, looks like what I’m smoking is actually some pretty good stuff.

Fret not, however, as Samsung hasn’t completely given up on the Fan Edition series. It will simply postpone the 3 million units planned for the Galaxy S22 FE release towards a Galaxy S23 FE launch next year, claims the report, hoping that the chip shortages of Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 (or, most likely, Gen 2) will be resolved by then. Good. They’re oversaturating the market with phones too much anyway. At one point there was the flagship S models (some years with 3 damn S’ at once), whatever A & M series they had, the FE, the Note, the Flip & the Fold. Samsung needs to focus on creating a more refined product instead of having a phone for every occasion. I’m surprised they haven’t collaborated with Fisher Price to make the Galaxy T (Toddler, Toy, Terrible Two’s, etc.). SMH.


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