Rochester supports push for New York Health Act

ROCHESTER, NY – After years of trying to get the New York Health Act passed in the state legislature, supporters are pushing again.

“Insurance shouldn’t be a life or death problem, having a limb or not having a limb, we need to solve this problem,” Rev. Myra Brown, pastor of Spiritus Christi Church.

The New York Health Act would give access to health care to all residents of the state, and a person’s income, health, or immigration status would not be an issue. Coverage would also be based on income rather than insurance company rates.

“I think this pandemic has really shown us how horrible it is to have health care related to work,” Hannah Jackel-Dewhurst, a Rochester volunteer for NY Health at Metro Justice.

Assemblyman Demond Meeks supports the measure, along with Rochester City Council.

“Clearly the government has to step up, the government has to …

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