Robo Inu Finance aims to create a new era of payments

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For promoting transparency, the role of brokers in the financial industry is slowly being replaced. The requirement to own, buy, or exchange different currencies in large amounts is another critical reason driving this remarkable growth. Robo Inu Finance aims to create a financial tool for individuals to manage their finances better (crypto and fiat expenses), also called RoboWallet. With many years of research and experience in the fintech/ payment gateway industry, we want to focus and build a new ground-breaking platform that will facilitate affordable, smooth, and ethical financial transactions globally with high security – anytime and anywhere. Apart from transparency, safety is also being ensured for any transactions.

In recent years, the fast growth of blockchain innovation and technology has become a catalyst for the development of Fintech built on the blockchain. The term “fintech” includes a massive range of products, technologies, and business models changing the financial service industry. Start-ups and prominent tech companies such as Google, Apple, and Alibaba focus on the fintech industry. As such, the Robo Inu Team realized the potential for such innovative technology.


  • Furthermore, through their application, RoboWallet, they aim to educate millennials on how to start thinking about financial freedom at a young age. Millennials’ exposure to cryptocurrency has been growing tremendously over the past years. Thus, RoboWallet is also inculcating the habit of saving and tracking expenses for younger generations if they want to gain financial freedom.

  • RoboWallet is a mixed concept of Venmo and SAP concur platforms, which is developed to allow users to send cryptocurrency from one country to another while also helping users track and manage these transactions as a type of expense. They often mention the term “financial freedom”; however, the meaning of financial freedom is sometimes forgotten. With Robo Inu Finance, to achieve financial freedom, they must track all their daily expenses ranging from food, travel or gas, etc.

Interested crypto enthusiasts must visit here to acquire further information and join Telegram or Twitter to connect with the community.

In conclusion, the Robo Inu Finance Team foresees that RoboWallet will be a game-changer in the banking and financial services industry. RoboWallet helps to connect people, ensuring that one can take care of the finances of their loved ones regardless of distances, countries, or continents. It is also to illustrate the vision of their Team that “Many in Body, One In Mind” will ultimately allow them to reach the most significant height achievable.



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