RingPlan’s new business phone app enables phone automation

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The new RingPlan Sidecar is a configurable library of functions users can string together to create their own custom automation sequences, tools that can be used to solve a variety of problems. Users can create up to 48 custom sequences, which can be launched at any time to perform a variety of time-saving tasks, triggered with only the push of a button. “It’s the first time that advanced automation functionality is made available like this.” https://ringplan-blog.ztelco.com/business-automation-phone-strategies-ringplan-sidecar/

A burgeoning VoIP provider in Southern California is altering the way people use their phones by adding business phone automation to their array of offerings. Phone automation, according to business President Jake Hansen, is potentially the next development in phone technology that will revolutionise the way people communicate. The new RingPlan business phone app, which was released in 2019, is already shaking things up by adding a new phone automation library, which is accessible with all enterprise plan subscribers.


  • In the case of automation, until more is seen on the market, RingPlan Sidecar seems to be beyond compare. So far, the RingPlan platform has come to include services such as VoIP phone service, video conferencing, business text messaging, and digital fax services, with more reportedly in development. In the case of automation, Hansen can’t wait to see what customers do with the tools he’s provided. Users can create and save sequences using any combination of functions that include dial, pause, transfer, conference, merge, hangup, keypress, hold, and send a message.

  • Hansen is no stranger to innovation, directly managing his own development team to create and launch this cloud-based phone system in 2019. Having previously run a phone and internet company, ZTelco, Inc. since 2004, Hansen would use his experience managing customer support to create something beyond his own expectations. He developed an entire unified communications platform. More than a phone system, Jake Hansen would come to develop an entire business suite with features comparable to some of the largest providers in America.


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