Review: iPhone 12 Pro Cases from TORRAS and Mujjo

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The new ones iPhone they are always accompanied by … new accessories, and so it is with the iPhone 12 series. While I liked the two non-Apple cases I used on my new Pro, there is still some room for improvement.

TORRAS ultra slim and slim case

TORRAS Ultra Thin Thin iPhone 12 Custody

$ 16.99 via Torras

(Reluctantly) I decided I couldn’t trust myself not to drop my new one iPhone 12 Pro, and so I bought a TORRAS Ultra Thin. Versions are available via the company’s US website and Amazon. (I bought it on Amazon in the UK, where it comes in a range of colors.) I was very impressed with how the accessory’s blue matches the device’s peaceful blue. It’s also slim, so it doesn’t diminish the experience of holding the smartphone or add significant weight. It is worth noting that the company seems to be saying that this case is specific to the iPhone 12, but it fit my Pro perfectly.

Another element in the “plus” column is that you can actually “feel” the buttons on the iPhone 12 Pro through the case. (More on that later.) Overall, then, this is a decent and well-priced accessory. Readers will forgive me for not conducting a full drop test on my device, but I’m relatively sure this would protect your phone if you dropped it in most everyday circumstances. It also stops the fingerprints and stains that stainless steel does iPhone 12 Pro attracts.

My concern with this case is that I’m not sure how much protection it would offer if I dropped yours iPhone 12 Pro face down, or how good it will be at preventing the screen from being scratched if you’re one of those people who tend to leave the phone face down, although the company does provide screen protectors too, I believe. The case tops the edges of the device, but not that much. Ultimately, this is a good competitively priced case.

Mujjo iPhone 12 Pro case

Mujjo iPhone 12 Pro case

Mujjo leather wallet for iPhone 12 PRo

€ 49.99 ($ ​​59.43) via Mujjo

I have enjoyed Mujjo products previously, so I was looking forward to trying one of their cases for iPhone 12 Pro and they kindly sent me a wallet. As with other accessories from the company, this leather case is of high quality. The wallet is clipped into the case itself. As a result, there are no issues that some have reported with Apple’s MagSafe wallet, which apparently has a tendency to fall out when you put it in your pocket. Again, color matching is pretty good too, so it all feels like a cohesive unit (assuming you want it to match – there are various color options). The Mujjo accessory is more substantial than the Torras one, which feels good in the hand and I’m more confident, for example, to leave the iPhone 12 Pro face down with this case on it.

My biggest problem with this case is that pressing the iPhone The 12 Pro’s buttons across the case are … well, a bit of an effort, really. It lacks the satisfying simple click you expect – what my colleague John Martellaro calls the “doink factor.” My understanding is that Mujjo products aren’t the only ones facing this problem, and it’s likely that it will get better across the board now that the devices are around. However, it’s frustrating at what is generally really cute iPhone 12 Pro case.


Overall, then, the Mujjo leather wallet is a superior product for yours iPhone 12 or Pro. However, the button problems are a bit annoying. TORRAS offer is a good low price alternative. Now that we have the devices in our hands, I can’t wait to see what the next set will be iPhone 12 accessories are like.


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