Resellers and wholesale accounts are welcome on American SoundBar

Resellers and wholesale accounts are welcome on American SoundBar

We only sell our American SoundBars to dealers and wholesalers as empty soundbars, said American SoundBar CEO Armando Molina. We offer special packages for new dealers. First order: Buy five soundbars, any style and get one soundbar for free.

American SoundBar representatives stated today that they have a one-of-a-kind opportunity for dealers and wholesale accounts across the world. According to Diana Mendez, a representative for American SoundBar, a Jeep exclusive build-out shop in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, the firm plans to expand statewide in 2022, as well as grow with distributors in Canada and Australia.


  • There’s no commitment to any speaker brand selling our soundbars, Molina said before adding, anyone interested can send an email to

  • Molina stressed that this gives dealers the opportunity to customize speaker packages with their customers.

Mendez explained that as a Jeep owner, American SoundBar CEO Armando Molina loved his music loud. In fact, many of his Jeep colleagues felt the same, which made him research his options in upgrading his Jeep sound.

This opportunity for dealers and wholesalers comes on the heels of the company recently redesigning the original Jeep Wrangler overhead soundbars. the original “stock” jeep soundbar features two 6.5-inch amplified speakers.

With little to no options available, Molina designed and engineered a soundbar in fiber glass which featured four, eight-inch speakers and two tweeters. Molina decided to redesign the soundbar since it was the center of the jeep.