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According to the company’s latest earnings, Nintendo Switch sales are down to 3.43 million units from 4.45 million units the same time last year. A decline of 22.9%. Nintendo also states that games from other software publishers helped drive sales of the Switch in the first quarter of the last fiscal year. Assisting in the higher number of hardware sales. Software sales were also down in the same period. Dropping to 41.41 million units from 45.29 million units a year ago.

According to Nintendo, the chip shortfall caused Switch sales during the first quarter of the fiscal year 2023 to be less than anticipated. In order to complete manufacture of the Switch as planned, the business has struggled to obtain crucial parts, such as chips. Due to this, the business produced fewer Switch units than anticipated, which caused a decline in hardware sales as a whole.


  • Nintendo Switch OLED was the highest selling model. When it comes to the different Switch variants, the OLED model was the highest selling. Nintendo reports that out of the total 3.43 million units Switch units sold, 1.52 million of those were the Switch OLED. The regular Switch meanwhile accounted for 1.32 million units, and the Switch Lite accounted for 0.59 million units.

  • Beyond Q1 FY2023, Nintendo Switch sales could improve to hit targets
    Although hardware sales were down in the first quarter of the fiscal year 2023, it may be possible for Nintendo to bounce back. The company states that it expects the procurement of components to improve from “late Summer towards Autumn.” This should give it a “clearer outlook” of Nintendo Switch production for the rest of the year. It also plans to utilize “appropriate means of shipment” to help deliver a larger number of Switch units to consumers.

In terms of software, Nintendo had 4 games that were able to reach more than a million units sold for Q1 FY 2023. Nintendo Switch Sports was the biggest hit at 4.84 million units sold. Next up was Mario Strikers: Battle League at 1.91 million units. Followed closely by Kirby And The Forgotten Land at 1.88 million units, and finally Mario Kart 8 Deluxe at 1.48 million units. All games were first-party titles.


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