Remove this malicious software from your Samsung Galaxy phone instantly

Remove this malicious software from your Samsung Galaxy phone instantly

According to a new report from Bleeping Computer, a popular app on Google Play Store named Craftsart Cartoon Photo Tools hides a trojan horse called ‘FaceStealer.’ It tricks you into adding your Facebook username and password and then sends it off to Russian servers. The malware can also siphon off your credit card details, search terms, messages, and almost anything it wants. Security researcher and mobile security firm Pradeo found this app and what it was doing last week. Google has already removed the app from the Play Store, but we feel that it acted too late.

Android is well-known for its security flaws and flaws. Despite the fact that Google has taken numerous steps and implemented numerous features to increase security and privacy on Android devices over the years, dangerous software continues to slip through the cracks. A new app has been discovered that steals your personal information.


  • Image editing apps are extremely popular among smartphone users. And a lot of those apps are free to use, but some of them might harbor malware to steal your data. It’s always safer to use only those apps that are developed by trusted brands and developers. Join SamMobile’s Telegram group and subscribe to our YouTube channel to get instant news updates and in-depth reviews of Samsung devices. You can also subscribe to get updates from us on Google News and follow us on Twitter.

  • According to Google Play Store, this app has been installed more than 100,000 times, which means many people are using it. If you are among those people, you need to uninstall Craftsart Cartoon Photo Tools immediately and change your Facebook credentials. You should also add two-factor authentication to your Facebook and Google accounts.