Remedy’s multiplayer game is co-financed by Tencent

Remedy's multiplayer game is co-financed by Tencent

In a press release, Remedy CEO Tero Virtala said:

Remedy Entertainment has announced a global development, licensing and distribution agreement with Tencent for upcoming free player-versus-environment shooters. The game, codenamed Vanguard, is co-funded by a Chinese giant. The Chinese giant will also be responsible for localization tasks in selected Asian markets. As part of the deal, Tencent will pay for the localization and release of games in Asia, and Remedy will do the same in other regions. Both Remedy and Tencent will bear the costs of running Vanguard in their respective regions, but will share revenue through a private program that has already been agreed upon.


  • Vanguard is currently in proof-of-concept phase. Remedy revealed that its development budget (up until the end of the first year of live operations) aligns with a typical Remedy AAA budget. No further information about Vanguard is available at the moment