Reliance Jio Rs 222 Disney+ Hotstar VIP plan gets price hike

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Reliance Jio has made a name for itself with its aggressively priced telecom plans, but in recent months the company has had to make some tough decisions and raise the prices of some of its plans.

Last on this list is the company’s Disney + Hotstar Rs 222 VIP package that it introduced a few months ago. Good luck, the company had to raise the price of this package by Rs 33, bringing it to Rs 255.

To remind our readers, this plan is an add-on that offers the same validity as the basic voice calling plan. As for the benefits, Reliance Jio’s Rs 255 package brings with it the Disney + Hotstar VIP membership for one year which lasts as long as the user has a basic voice calling plan activated on the number.

But there are a few things to note about this plan. For starters, this plan also includes 15GB of fair-use policy (FUP) data. Once the 15GB of data is consumed, the internet speed drops to 64Kbps.

Interestingly, Reliance Jio hasn’t made any changes to the other Disney + Hotstar packages offered by Reliance Jio. For example, Rs 499 Disney + Hotstar is available at the same price as before. This package is valid for 56 days but does not require a basic identification plan to work. With this plan, Jio provides 1.5GB of data for 56 days (84GB total data) and a free subscription to other Jio apps.

Speaking of Jio’s popular plans, the company also announced some new postpaid plans just a few weeks ago. These plans not only bring a subscription to Disney + Hotstar but also a host of other OTT services. These plans were priced at Rs 399, Rs 599, Rs 799, Rs 999 and Rs 1499 last month.

JioPostpaid Plus plans to require customers to pay a security deposit for each plan, according to the terms and conditions uploaded to Jio’s website. The high-level plan priced at Rs 1499 has a contract duration of six months. The terms and conditions state that Jio’s Rs 399, Rs 599, Rs 799 and Rs 999 PostPaid Plus plans require a security deposit of Rs 500, Rs 750, Rs 1000 and Rs 1200 respectively.

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Reliance Jio’s popular Disney + Hotstar VIP package has seen a rise in prices. Here’s how much it will cost now.

News Underline:

  • Reliance Jio has raised the price of its popular plans.
  • The Disney + Hotstar VIP package from Rs 222 has seen a price increase.
  • The company did not raise the price of the Disney + Hotstar plan by Rs 499.

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