Reinsdorf kept knowledge of LRussDUI to himself

(670 The Score) When news broke last November that Tony La Russa, the newly hired White Sox manager, had been arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence in the Phoenix area in February 2020, the The organization quickly acknowledged being aware of the incident before taking over La Russa on October 29.

True, but the pervasiveness of that knowledge within the White Sox was limited to one individual. La Russa informed President Jerry Reinsdorf of his DUI incident early in the interview process, but Reinsdorf did not share it with anyone. Bob Nightengale of USA Today Sports reported in a Wednesday piece focused on La Russa. The day after the February accident, La Russa also informed the owner of Angels Arte Moreno, as he was working as a consultant to the organization at the time. La Russa has offered to resign, but Moreno has chosen to keep him with the Angels for the 2020 season, Nightengale reported.

La Russa was formally charged with DUI on October 28, a day before the White Sox introduced him. The timing of the indictment some eight months after the incident was partially linked to delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic, authorities have …
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