Redfall’s gameplay is reminiscent of Left 4 Dead, but with vampires

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There’s a clip later in the video that shows the team of players set up on rooftops overlooking city streets. That might suggest that the battles could operate at a much larger scale than the zombie shooter. We also saw characters with special abilities like a magical shield and a stake that temporarily froze a vampire in place. The structure of the game remains unknown. I don’t know if you’ll go on specific missions or if you will linearly travel through zones. We will surely find out more as we near the game’s early 2023 release date.

Redfall (opens in a new tab) is Left 4 Dead if all of the zombies were replaced with vampires. We finally got a glimpse at how the game will play at the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase, and it looks eerily similar to Valve’s co-op shooter. Characters crawled through dark abandoned buildings, passing their spotlights over concealing vampires in Arkane Studios’ multiplayer shooter. Close-quarters combat didn’t appear to be as fast-paced as Left 4 Dead, although that might just be for readability during a major event. I can easily see swarms of vampires, with a few more deadly ones thrown in for good measure.


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