Realme phone with 125W fast charging tech coming soon

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Realme may soon introduce its industry-leading 125W SuperDart fast charging technology on a smartphone. The company is making fun of the first smartphone with charging technology that will debut in Europe soon. Realme CEO for Europe and India, Madhav Sheth, tweeted a photo of a power brick along with some suggestions in the caption. These tips could be for a Realme 7 series phone that could get this 125W fast charging solution.

“We are planning # FAS7ER stuff for @realmeeurope, so stay tuned!” wrote Madhav Sheth Twitter. This indicates a Realme 7 series model, but we’re not sure if it will be brand new or existing. Realme sells three models in the 7 series: Realme 7i, Realme 7, and Realme 7 Pro. There has been some chatter around the Realme 7 Pro SE, so this may be the candidate for the 125W charging technology we’re looking at. The 125W SuperDart fast charging technology is claimed to recharge a 4000mAh battery in less than 20 minutes, while a 33% charge is achieved in just three minutes.

I just got out of our realme Labs and couldn’t wait to share a preview of what’s to come We are planning # FAS7ER stuff for @realmeeurope, so stay tuned!

– Madhav Faster7 (@ MadhavSheth1) September 29, 2020

The SE nomenclature is borrowed from Apple, which traditionally launches these “Special Edition” models at a lower price than the marquee model. For example, the iPhone SE costs much less than what the iPhone 11 costs. Likewise, this year’s brand new Apple Watch SE is less expensive than the Watch Series 6. If Realme is following this pattern, the 7 Pro SE could end up getting a lower price than the Realme 7 Pro. But, in that case, I’m not sure how 125W high-class charging would be supported considering it will be an expensive technology.

Realme will be holding an event on October 7 in Europe, where it is set to launch the Realme 7 and Realme 7 Pro devices. Not sure if there will be a third phone for 125W technology or if the company has tweaked Realme 7 Pro to include this fast charging technology for the European market. Realme 7 Pro for India supports 65W fast charging which has been available for mid-range phones so far. Not only that, Realme has launched Narzo 20 Pro with 65W charging technology for just Rs 14,999, making the world’s cheapest phone with 65W fast charging technology. We will have to wait for more announcements from Realme to see what happens next. ‘Europe.

125W SuperDart technology is said to fill a 4000mAh battery in less than 20 minutes.

News Underline:

  • Realme is likely to introduce its first 125W charging phone in Europe.
  • He has an event scheduled for October 7 to launch the 7 series.
  • The 125W charging is said to recharge the battery in under 20 minutes.


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