RE8’s Lady Dimitrescu is based on serial killer, Japanese myth and MorticiAddams

The internet loves Lady Dimitrescu, the main villain of Resident Evil Village. At this point, the world’s thirst for the extremely tall vampire woman has turned into an almost inevitable meme, like a much hotter and more prolific version of ‘Mr. X Gon Give It to Ya ‘- and it looks like Capcom couldn’t be happier that everyone is talking about the new Resident Evil. Now the developers are breaking down the inspirations that gave birth to Lady Dimitrescu.

The initial idea was to create a “bewitching vampire” whose portrayal would not be “constrained by the way vampires have been portrayed in various forms of popular entertainment,” says art director Tomonori Takano. IGN. Takano cites three specific sources of inspiration: a serial killer, a Japanese urban legend and Morticia Addams.

Fans have already suspected the urban legend, at least, and yes, Lady Dimitrescu was partly inspired Hasshaku-sama, a ghost story born on the Japanese forum 2chan. Hasshaku-sama is usually depicted as an extremely tall woman with a wide-brimmed hat and white dress, just like our Lady D.

Then there’s Elizabeth B├íthory, a 16th-century Hungarian noblewoman who has …

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